12.10 Les commissions suite 1, committees the next 1


Committees that were not mentioned in the committees chapter:

A. Committees made up of professionals:

  • IT committees for Units and Neighbourhoods

  • Inspection committees for private industry installations and productions

  • Environment committees

  • any other committees necessary for Utopia to function

B. The committees named in alphabetical order:

  • Immigration committees

  • School board committees

  • Hygiene committees

  • Economy committee

  • Tourism committee

  • Motor sports committee

  • any other committees necessary for Utopia to function

C. Self-proclaimed committees:

Referendum committees

Accuracy verification committees


All committees can be divided into subcommittees which are composed of the same number of male companions as female companions (except in the subcommittees of the Diplomatic committee). The subcommittees are delegations of the main committee and have the same powers.

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