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12.11 Les commissions suite 2, committees 2, comisiones 2 | Aiden

12.11 Les commissions suite 2, committees 2, comisiones 2


Committee Reports

Committee reports are public, except for Investigation and Justice committee reports if they do not result in a conviction or if they may bring harm to the victims.

The Army committees (military committee) reports and the Army Oversight committee (civil committee) reports can only be consulted and voted within the military installations (one per neighbourhood) because of the secrecy necessary for defences.

The reports are mainly automatic and electronic. Citizens can not photograph, film or copy documents. They cannot take notes at military installations.

The total sum given to the defences is published with the accounts of the State. The distributions of the sums within the army is part of military secrecy.

As a result, the companions all become the custodians of Utopia’s military secrets. To divulge them is a betrayal sanctioned by State laws and especially, it is putting all companions in fatal danger in the event of military aggressions.

The committees’ power restrictions

Committees may only request access to documents collected by Aiden offices, Aiden cameras and Aiden identification documents in the case of a court investigation. They must be accompanied by the Investigations and Justice committees appointed for the case, as well as by the defenders of the accused.

Committees can not enter companions’ dwellings without their authorization (as long as the companions have paid their rent). The committees can enter someone’s dwelling once a year (the day of renewal of the lease) accompanied by the Rental committee.

Committees that want to inspect private industries must warn them at least 24 hours in advance.

Public establishments can be inspected at any time during the opening hours of the establishments concerned, without warning.

Duration of the committees

Committees are usually named for one year. Committee members must change committees every year.

The Investigations and Justice committees are named for the duration of an investigation or a judgment.

Committee members of committees composed of professionals can be elected for a maximum of 4 years.

The committee members of the special committees are appointed for the time necessary to complete the actions to manage, but at most for 4 years.


Informes de las comisiones

Los informes de las comisiones son pubicos, a no ser loss de las comisiones de investigacion y justicia, si no llegan a una condena o si perjudician aa las victimas.

Los informes de las comisiones militares y del servicio civil pueden ser consultados unicamente en las instalaciones militares (secreto defensa). Ahi ningun ciudadano puede copiar de cualquier forma, los documentos.

El presupuesto militar es publica. De hecho, cada ciudadano es depositario de los secretos de la armada de Utopia. Romper ese secreto es trahicionar el estado y poner en peligro la vida de os demas compañeros/as.

Restricciones de los poderes de las comisiones :

Las comisiones solo pueden tener acceso al material gravado por Cameras y guardados en las oficinas AIDEN en caso de investigaciones, acompañadas por las comisiones de justicia.

No pueden entrar en las viviendas sin autorizacion si los alquileres han sido pagados. Solo lo pueden hacer una vez al año (al renovar la renta).

Las comisiones que desean controlar los sectores economicos privados deberan avisar al menos 24 horas antes. No se necesita aviso para controlar los espacios publicos.

Tiempo que funcionan las comisions :

Se forman comisiones para un año normalmente. Los comisarios deben cambiar comisiones cada año.

Las comisiones de investigacion y justicia funcionan solamente durante el tiempo que dure una investigacion.

Los comisarios de comisiones profesionales pueden ser elegidos para 4 años.

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