12.13 La protection des données, protection of data, proteccion de los datos


Details on the protection of data collected by Acden and Utopia

The data stored by Utopia comes from 3 sources:

  1. Data from Acden cameras. This data is only available in courthouses on a single screen in the company of investigation and justice committees appointed to a case. This data can possibly be copied (filmed because there are no possible connections) on the screens of the Courthouse and used during the trial (the faces of those that have nothing to do with the trial must be veiled).

  2. Data from the Acden offices (mainly past or current contracts) can only be consulted by the signatories of these contracts or they can be consulted in the Courts accompanied by the Investigation and Justice committees appointed for a particular case. This data can be transmitted during judgments in the form of written reports.

  3. Data from electronic IDs (mainly health data). They can be consulted in case of emergency by the hospital staff who must intervene on the person carrying the electronic ID.


Precisiones sobre los datos recuperados por AIDEN y Utopia.

Los datos provienen de tres formas :

  • cameras de vigilancia, que se consultan en palacios de justicia, con los comisarios de justicia presentes.
  • Oficinas AIDEN (principalmente contratos). Estos datos pueden ser consutados unicamente por los protagonistas en las oficinas o en los palacios de justicia.
  • Identificaciones electronicas que van recuperando todo lo ocurrido (sobre todo a cerca de la salud).

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