12.14 Précisions sur la constitution, Details on the draft constitution of Acden, Precisiones sobre este intento de constitucion,


Details on the draft constitution of Acden

This draft is not complete, there are still many situations that are not legislated.

It seems to me that subjects not dealt with in the form of laws (such as occasional insults) are not of paramount importance for the conduct of the state. To legislate them would increase the constitution, complicate the management of the state and the understanding of this management by its population.

The Aiden and Utopia administration is divided into 3 levels:

  1. Laws, duties, rights, committees, civil or military service, electronic IDs, offices, cameras, governments, flagship values, goals and ideals of the Aiden must be known almost by heart by all the companions and partly by foreigners (not necessarily in order, nor with the same linguistic twist). These notions must be printed and easily accessible in companions homes and in foreigners’ homes. Corrections can be made but this level should not be made more complicated. It is only necessary to adapt things to the evolution of society and thought.

  1. Clauses, regulations, due diligence agreements, chosen paths, organizations of administration. All the rest of the constitution must be easily consultable through the Aiden offices. This part of the constitution can evolve according to the needs.

  2. The undefined. For example: which sanctions to apply for offenses (the law only gives the duration of the sanctions), should not be defined. This will allow dialogue and adaptability for case by case sanctions. There should be no jurisprudence for any cases that only concern Utopia. If the laws, become too numerous or too complicated, they are liberticidal.

    If one wants to undertake something of a certain importance, one should not have to be accompanied by a lawyer and a psychiatrist. These are occupations that will tend to disappear in Utopia. Or at least I hope so!

    Anything that is not described is tolerated. Maybe I forgot to mention important points.
    It will all be revised democratically when the Acden has reached 10’000 members.


Precisiones sobre este intento de constitucion :

no esta completa ! Hay muchas situaciones que quedan por pensar. Me parece que los temas que nos formulan bajo la forma de una ley, no son necesarios al funcionamiento del estado. Tratrlos aqui seria demasiado fastidoso.

Los 3 niveles administrativos en AIDEN y Utopia :

  1. Leyes, derechos, comisiones, servicio civil, identificaciones, ameras, gobierno, valores… deben ser conocidos de todos. Estos datos deben estar al alcance de todos, siempre. Este nivel se adapta al la vida y evolucion social.
  2. Clausulas, reglas, convenciones, organizacion de los departamentos concentrados en las Oficinas Aiden. Evolucion mas lenta, segun las necesidades.
  3. Lo que no esta claramente escrito como ley, deberia ser discutido, favorenciendo el dialogo.

Demasiadas leyes limitan las libertades. Si comprendemo las cosas, no es necesarios estar siempre acompañados de avogados (profesion que deberia desaparecer de Utopia).

Loo que no se rechaza est tolerado. Volveremos a corregir democraticamente esta constitucion el dia que alcancemos 10 000 miembros !

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