12.5 Bienvenue, welcome, bienvenidos,


Rich and very rich people are welcome

The Acden and especially Utopia needs money and hopes to get a lot of wealthy people to live there by offering to them to settle in Utopia (after adopting its constitution) in primary, secondary or emergency residences. They would be able to live normally, that is to say to be able to walk or visit public establishments without triggering any abnormal behaviour among the onlookers and the consumers that they meet.

They can enjoy the same maximum security offered to all companions when it comes to:

  • natural disasters (the basic concept)

  • wars (Utopias absolute neutrality and remoteness should prevent it from participating in wars. In the unlikely event that Utopia is attacked, its small inhabited territory is easy to defend even against intercontinental ballistic missiles)

  • internal violence (no need for special protection or bodyguards)

cheap taxes: 1% on all sums of money exported + possibly a one time contribution of 1% (contribution to equality) on all sums of money deposited in Utopia without being invested in its economy.


Bienvenidos a los ricos y muy ricos

AIDEN y sobre todo Utopia necesita dinero y espera conseguir buena parte de ello a cerca de personas ricas y muy ricas : proponiendoles establecerse en Utopia, como residencia principal, segundaria o de emergencia : un sitio para que ellos también puedan vivir normalemente.

Y disfrutar, como los demas, de seguriad cntra catastrofes naturales, guerras y delinquencias. A demas, Utopia le cobrara pocos impuestos : 1% sobre todo el dinero exportado ; 1% del dinero invertido (impuesto de solidaridad).

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