16.18 les substances taxées 3 – substancias impuestas 3 – Thr taxed substance

les substances taxées selon leur dangerosité 3

Sugars, fats, tobacco, cannabis, coffee, tea, meat, salt

These substances are considered dangerous by Acden.

They are often necessary to the body (sugars, fats, salt), exist in it (sugars, fats, salt, nicotine, cannabinol) or are very good drugs like cannabis (against cancer, calming, appetite, etc.)

Overconsumption of these products leads to metabolic dysfunction that induces diseases such as diabetes, circulatory disorders, cancers and body deformities (such as obesity) that create physical and mental health problems.

The Acden considers these substances as soft drugs because they do not involve overdose (or the lethal doses would be difficult or almost impossible to take). They are taxed according to their levels of danger.

An information and danger prevention program is offered as early as kindergarten to the inhabitants of Utopia so that they can control their consumption.

Vegetables, fruits and other foods treated with chemicals and

body care products

To trade these products, it will be necessary to clearly write on the packaging:

  1. the exact composition of the components of the product

  1. the dangers and counter-indications it may imply.


Medication is taxed (apart from the ordinary customs tax) according to the list of undesirable side effects described in the directions for use. Particular attention will be given to drugs that affect the nerves and the brain (sleeping pills, sedatives, stimulants, etc.) and quickly involve addiction. Many people use them as drugs rather than medication.

Azúcar, grasas, tabacos, canabis, café, té, carne, sal:

esas substancias se consideran peligrosas en AIDEN, aunque parezacan necesarias (azúcar, grasa, sal), existen ya en el suerpo ( azúcar, grasa, canabinol) o sean buenas medicinas (canabis).

El abuso en el consumo de esos productos perturba el metabolismo y provocan problemas de salud (obesidad, diabetes, cancer, malformaciones…)

AIDEN las considera como drogas dulces ya que no inducen sobredosis, y seran menos impuestas.

Un programa de informacion, prevencion, consejos esta propuesto desde las edades mas bajas para que puedan compreder y controlar su consumo.

Verduras, frutas y demas comida tratadas con productos quimicos y productos cosméticos:

para vender ese tipo de productos se deberá informar claramente sobre:

  1. la composicion exacta de la comida
  2. los peligros que corren


Las medicinas estan impuestas sigiendo la lisa de los efectos segundarios. Atencion con las medicinas que influyen sbre los nervios (somnífero, calmante…) que provocan rapidamente dependencias. Muchas personas los emplean como drogas y ya no como medicinas.

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