3.7 L’école normale obligatoire, Compulsory school

l'école normale

Compulsory school

Once this exam is successfully completed, the children begin their last compulsory school period. For this last period, there is no longer a full-time teacher/supervisor.

They receive their last child’s electronic ID.

They can work up to 12 hours a month according to the contracts prepared by the Acden.

At the beginning of each year, the students take classes (with video sequences) on sexuality, drugs, violence, dangerous sports, gambling, video games. This will give them all the necessary information to understand the stakes of their activities, the dangers and the precautions to be taken. They are made aware of the problem of addiction (a form of slavery). They learn that, as proverbs say:

Too much and too little spoil all games.


We can use everything, but not abuse anything.

Each student’s personal computer is filtered less and less each year. The filters are tailored to each student based on the indications given by their evaluations. They can have access to more information, namely to soft pornography.

The purchasing parameters of their electronic ID are also changed from year to year so that they can buy in very reasonable quantities: alcohol, coffee, tobacco and cannabis.

The students continue to train alone in preparation for the final exam of compulsory schooling and thus become an adult. They may attend the final exam as soon as they have been through puberty, generally between the ages of 16 and 18, but possible between the ages of 14 and 20, or exceptionally sooner or later.

They can attend seminars and participate in forums based on current events, food, health, hygiene, sexuality, medication, drugs, first aid, job opportunities, studies and apprenticeships that will allow them to choose their future.

They must know perfectly the constitution of Acden.

They must do internships in the different fields they have chosen.

Not yet having a jobs, they must choose a field in which to perform their civil service and train themselves to perform it in the best possible conditions.

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