4.15 la commission d’éthique, The ethic committee and initiatives

4.17 la commission d'éthique, les initiatives

The ethics committee and initiatives

The Ethics Committee is the highest political and judicial body in Acden. Its members may be called to work full time. There is one per Unit and one for all of Utopia. It is composed of thirty-six members nominated for a year by random draw among all the companions of Utopia. It is organized into three subcommittees of twelve members. Each member must keep the key of the computer room (for one month) which Utopia reserves for their subcommittee.

The subcommittees can be divided into three committees of 4 members to form work groups. The nine committees of 4 members of the Ethics Committee can access all the files and enter all the premises of Utopia (except in private homes). They can interview all the people and ask for the collaboration of all the other committees as needed.

The ethics sub-committees receive the Unit and Utopia initiatives and check that they are compatible with Acden’s constitution. Neighbourhood initiatives are received by Wellness Committees. An initiative is valid when one percent of voters have approved it.

The Ethics Committee must verify that the decisions made concerning the Unit and Utopia are compatible with the Aiden. It can block the implementation of all decisions if it deems them contrary to the constitution. In this case, it reports to the people through the official media and asks for a new vote on a modified project to be compatible with the constitution of Acden. Ethics committees have jurisdiction to review appeals for serious offenses against persons number 1, 2, 3.

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