5.1 The security / La sécurité



Part 5

Security in Utopia

Security in Utopia is obtained because Acden is a very liberal society. Its laws are logical and there are few. They should be followed by everyone without being a constraint.

Security is also obtained with computer science. It should be extremely difficult to violate the laws anonymously because:

  • all public spaces are watched by security cameras connected directly to the central computers by fibres. They are able to recognize all people in their fields of action using their electronic IDs and the facial recognition.

  • the state automatically stores all the information (audio & video) collected. It is then automatically erased after 10 years)

  • the state also automatically stores all conversations and transactions made by the Acden offices (public or private) and bank cards. These public and private offices identify those present without error by verification of fingerprints, face, iris, etc.

  • Utopia can not incur debt. This is to be able to ensure employment security. The state can not borrow to invest or to operate. On the contrary: it must create reserves to overcome economic crises by creating workstations.

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