5.10 Duties 2 / Les devoirs 2

chap5. 09 les devoirs 2


10. get along as (responsible) parents regarding the education of children. They must raise

their children by stimulating their desire to become an anarchist adult in

dependent of any constraints other than those of the Acden. They must protect their children from violence and sexual restraint. They must have their children examined and treated according to the instructions received when the children are sick or injured.

11. defend Acden and Utopia.

12. respect and adopt the laws, habits and customs of the countries they visit or live in (during their stay abroad)

13. respect the habits and customs of Utopia neighbourhoods (clothing, behaviour, noise, etc.) 14. have insurance in case of illness and accident if they do not belong to Utopia’s healtprograms; or if they are doing risky activities. These insurances must cover all the costs of healing and rehabilitation

15. have a loss of earnings insurance in case of accident and illness

16. have liability insurance covering all their activities

17. ask for help from their comrades or from the citizen committees if they have a problem

18. do everything possible to stay in good health by balancing physical and mental exercise, avoiding excesses: food, medication, drugs, sports, etc.

19. respect animals, treat their pets well

20. be well prepare for retirement and funding for their old age

Failure to comply with these duties triggers a process of negotiations with the relevant anarchist committees. The committees can take the necessary measures and ask for compensation or repairs. They can also make sanctions adapted to the infraction, but it can not exceed 1 year of restricted freedom.

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