5.13 Crimes against property 2 / Les infractions contre les biens 2



It is forbidden


a) not to honour one’s payments

b) not to pay one’s debts according to Aiden’s contracts established and accepted

c) not to return borrowed property within the time allowed

d) not to honour one’s contractual commitments

e) to make or accept gambling debts.

The basic penalty is a one year freedom restriction.

10. to cause damage to Utopia’s buildings and private property.

The basic penalty is a six month freedom restriction.


a) to dirty or deteriorate public and private places

b) to get rid of waste on public roads and spaces (chewing gum, any packaging, dog poop,

butts, spitting, etc.)

c) to smoke or in any way pollute the indoor air in public places (except in special ventilat-

ed rooms in the apartments and special ventilated public establishments that are meant for

these activities)

d) to pollute the seawater (to empty bottoms of glasses or bottles, to urinate, etc.)

The basic penalty is a three month freedom restriction.

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