5.15 Implenation of laws / Application des lois



III – Implementation of the laws

  • Benefit of the doubt for the accused

  • The sentences are incompressible and cumulative depending on the nature and number of offenses committed, but can not exceed a thirty year freedom restriction

  • Accomplices must also be prosecuted and convicted

  • If the litigant is a child or is a child with a child: the penalties may be reduced

  • Investigations and Justice committees of students may try serious offenses 4 and 5 as well as all property offenses

  • Adult or mixed committees (students + adults) are formed to judge very serious offenses 1, 2, 3.

Mitigating circumstances (by accident, etc.) and aggravating circumstances (with premeditation, with cruelty, etc.) are taken into consideration establishing freedom restrictions. Recidivism is an aggravating circonstance. The sentences are listed in criminal records, wich are only available in the courthouse, by the commissions of inquiries, justice and defense of the accused.

chap5. 14 applications des loisla récidive est une circonstance aggravante!  Les condamnations sont répertoriées dans des casiers judiciaires, qui sont consultables qu’au palais de justice, par les commissions d’enquêtes, de justice et de défenses des accusés.

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