5.18 Military offenses in times of peace / Infractions militaires en temps de paix

VI – Military offenses in times of peace

They are of three types: abandonment of post, refusal to obey orders and treason.

The first two types are resolved with two military committees for each case formed by soldiers designated by alphabetical order as for the civilians.The litigant is defended by a military lawyer. His defence can consist of three people.Cases are most often resolved by arbitration and blame. In cases where recidivism is likely the litigant may be dismissed from the army.

In the case of treason, the two military committees are composed of officers designated in alphabetical order. They will have to assess the seriousness of the case. Sanctions can range from exclusion from the army to banishment (exclusion for life) from Utopia.

VII – Military offenses in times of war

The first two categories are sanctioned by expulsion from the army. Treason is sanctioned by banishment (the Utopia lifetime exclusion).

chap5. 17 infractions militaires paix

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