5.2 Observers & Negotiators / les observateurs & les négociateurs



Observers and Negotiators

Community policing is replaced by observers and negotiators.

These people act remotely from a security station. They intervene as soon as a camera identifies a person without ID or authorization.

Observers ensure that this person follows the automatic indications given by the camera’s speaker. For example: going to an Acden office to check their identity or leave the premises by the indicated route. If the indications are not followed, the negotiators will intervene to try to reason with the wrongdoer. They will call the people authorized to intervene in case of refusal to obey.

Observers and negotiators could be disabled or retired.

In these security posts, there is a counter for direct contacts (advice, information) and for the filing of complaints, which can also be done from an Acden office.


Interventions are carried out by private peacekeepers (at least 2) paid by Utopia, reimbursed by the offenders. If the interventions seem too dangerous, they will be executed by a detachment of Utopia’s army.

Private peacekeepers must belong to Utopia’s army. They must undergo special training and an audit by the Ethics and Justice committees. They are not armed. They can have non-lethal weapons adapted to their interventions: spray, taser, baton, handcuffs, etc. They are mainly employed in the private sector to secure all businesses that can spill over.



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