5.8 Prison / Le Bagne


All convicts, (especially foreigners) may choose to serve their sentence in prison. In this case the length of the sanctions will be divided by two, if they willingly agree to work 12 hours a day (in 4 periods of 3 hours separated by 1 hour breaks), 6 days a week for the benefit of Utopia. This work will be done in different floating or underwater installations.

The convicts have a special electronic ID that allows them to go to work and to confined outdoor spaces during their breaks (4 times 1 hour). On their day off they can go to a room equipped with audio-visual connections necessary for virtual meetings with their families. They can see their family once a month if they have well collaborated.

Each convict has a cell of 8m2 (2 * 4m) with a sink, 1 WC, 1 shower, 1 bed, 1 table + 2 chairs, 1 table, 1 cabinet, 1 computer integrated in a wall connected to the internet (all functions and applications allowing communication with the outside have been blocked).

chap5. 07 le bagne

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