5.9 Duties 1 / Les devoirs 1



Acden compagnon duties

They must:

  1. adopt English

  2. practice tolerance

3 help their comrades in difficulty

4. vote at least three times out of four

5. perform their civil service in the best possible conditions

6. regularly pay rent to Utopia

7. not buy or sell goods that are not barcoded by Utopia

8. participate honestly and conscientiously in the Acden committees, to respect and defend the decisions made collegially, to respect confidentiality (outside trials ) on the information concerning people’s private lives; respect the decisions of the Acden committees

9. comply with the requirements:

to trade, import, manufacture and export: chemical and biological products, medication, drugs, food, machinery, vehicles, weapons, ammunition, and all other property that may be dangers. The complete list is obtained through the Acden offices.

  • to practice certain professions: doctors, dentists, engineers, instructors, etc. ; the complete

    list of protected professions is obtained through the Acden offices.

  • to drive or to pilot: a boat, a plane or any other vehicle, the complete list is obtained with

    Acden offices.

chap5. 08 les devoirs 1

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