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6.14 les hôpitaux – hospitales – dispensaries | Aiden

6.14 les hôpitaux – hospitales – dispensaries

les hôpitaux

Sanitary facilities

The dispensaries

Utopia has a health network that includes a dispensary in the government buildings of each neighbourhood.

This dispensary includes:

  • a polyclinic with reception (which also serves for other services), two-bed rooms for sick or injured people not requiring acute care

  • a maternity ward

  • operating rooms equipped for all routine operations

  • rehabilitation rooms

  • a room to assist companions at the end of their lives

  • consultation rooms for general practitioners, gynecologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, pediatricians, gerontologists, naturopaths, osteopaths, doctors practicing Chinese and Tibetan medicine, etc.

  • meeting rooms with reception for neighbourhood health committees who’s members are health professional and non-professionals. These committees organize and control the health program for the neighbourhood, which entitles them to free health insurance.

  • rooms needed by first-aiders

  • garages for ambulances and for emergency vehicles (fire, antipollution, army, etc.). These vehicles are the only vehicles that are flown on Utopia’s lines of communication. The activation of their intervention lights automatically blocks normal traffic.

University hospitals

Each Unit has a university hospital located in the government district.

It is equipped with :

  • Operating rooms with the best up to date technologies in reconstructive surgery.

  • Several sections corresponding to the different types of medicine practiced in Utopia’s health system.

  • laboratories for hospital analysis, research and teaching.

  • Patient rooms and rooms for nursing staff.



En cada barrio de Utopia se encuentra una clínica, ubicado en un edificio del gobierno.

Ahí tenemos:

  • clínica de varias diciplinas con habitaciones de 2 camas para personas enfermas o herridas.
  • Maternidad
  • salas de operacion
  • salas de rehabilitacion
  • salas para acompañar a los que terminan su vida
  • consultas con médicos generalistas, ginecólogos, psyquiatras, pediatras, medicina china, tibetana…
  • salas de reunion para las comisiones sanitarias de los barrios que se dividen en comisiones de higiene formada por gente no profesional y comisiones de salud formadas, ellas, por profesionales de la salud. Esas comisiones organizan y controlan el programa salud de utopia.
  • Locales para los salvavidas
  • garages para ambulancias y vehículos de intervencion (incendio, contaminacion, armada…) Esos vehículos son los únicos usuarios de las vias de comunicacion de Utopia. Sus intervenciones bloquean automaticamente el tráfico normal.

Hospitales universitarios:

Cada celda cuenta con su hospital universitario ubicado en el barrio del gobierno, equipado con:

  • salas de operacion con las últimas tecnologias
  • secciones que representan todos los tipos de cuidados disponibles en Utopia
  • laboratorios para analisis, búsqueda y formación
  • habitaciones para pacientes y locales para personal de cuidado.

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