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6.19 les substances taxées 4 substancias impuestas 4 – The taxed substances | Aiden

6.19 les substances taxées 4 substancias impuestas 4 – The taxed substances


The consumption of these substances

The Acden in Utopia will study and propose models of positive consumption of drugs, alcohol, medication, sugars, fats, etc. by:

  • rediscovering their roles in medicine

  • rediscovering the related cultures

  • looking for the least addictive ways to use them

  • by clearly defining the dangers

  • explaining how to use them recreationally or medicinally

  • by accepting drug addicts because drug addiction is not a disease; it is the action of regularly taking a substance to mask a disease, or to make psychological problems bearable

  • respecting drug addicts like all human beings should be respected. They will make it up to Utopia by setting their own doses so that they feel good (or in any case: as good as possible) and by working

  • integrating drug addicts into working life

  • by controlling the purity of drugs offered in shops and specialized establishments, because good quality drugs are less addictive and less dangerous.

The Acden also invites those who know no limits, to go to these artificial paradises that reach out to them, with this in mind:

To live in paradise, you have to die first!.

For all these substances: normal doses (it depends on the people), even taken regularly, with good products, in a recreational, medical or food way will not prevent you from becoming old and happy.

Generally: all imported products and all those manufactured are analyzed, taxed and traced before trading.

les substances taxées selon leur dangerosité 4

El consumo de esas substancias:

Se ha de estudiar y de proponer modelos de consumo positivo para esas drogas y demas substancias:

  • volviendo a descubrir sus usos en la medicina
  • referiendose a las culturas que las consumian
  • buscando os medios de consumirlas que provocan el menos dependencias
  • explicando claramente los peligros
  • explicando los usos recreativo o medicinales
  • aceptando los drogaditos: la adiccion no es un enfermedad, sino que el medio de ocultar una enfermedad, un medio de hacerla soportable.
  • Respetando a los adictos como a cualqier ser humano
  • motivandolos a la vida social y activa
  • controlando la calidad de las drogas: mejor la calidad, menor la adiccion.

AIDEN también ls recuerda que segun la lógica, para todos aquellos que quieran abusar,

“para disfrutar de un paraíso, tan siquiera artificial, primero hay que morir.”

El consumo de esas substancias, razonable y con la mejor calidad disponible, no impide envejezer y sentirse feliz.

Todos los productos de importacion deben dejar huellas claras; se les debe conocer todas las etapas que lo han trahído a Utopia.


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