6.6 les selles et l’urine – heces y orinas – stools and urine

les selles et l'urine

Stools and urine (from humans and animals)

Urine is collected, cleaned and recycled as fertilizer.

The toilets are dry type where the stools are burned. The fumes are filtered and the ashes recovered and purified of pollutants that are harmful to plants. They are then recycled in hydro culture.

Animal urine and excrements (which are collected in toilets adapted to the animal and ventilated) are treated in the same way (if the separation is possible) or burned in the toilets intended for the inhabitants.


Se recuperan las orinas, se las limpia y luego se la recicla (en la produccion de comida)

Las latrinas secas equipan los hogares (combustion). Se filtran los humos y se recuperan las cenizas para ser recicladas en la produccion de comida.

Orinas y heces de los animales : se tratan de la misma forma : separando la orina de las heces, limpiandolas, quemandolas, reciclandolas.

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