6.8 les protections 1 – protecciones 1- protections

protections contre les maladies et accidents 1

Protections against diseases and accidents

It is necessary to :

  • Protect the inhabitants from all harmful gases caused by combustion of explosion engines and reactors operating with petroleum derivatives. They are prohibited throughout the Utopia territory, except along a channel leading to a port of reception (far enough away from buildings) for foreign boats and seaplanes operating with polluting engines.

  • Protect the inhabitants of passive smoke from the harmful gases released inside the towers by burning wood or charcoal cigarette/pipe/chicha/chillum smoke as well as fumes released by cooking and grilling food. These activities are confined to enclosed ventilated spaces, from which the expelled air is filtered. Outside, barbecues and wood fires are confined in waterproof boxes that filtre the fumes. There are smoking areas in outdoor public areas as well as in homes that have a special ventilated room.

  • Protect residents from all nuisances (noise, gases, liquids, solids) generated by industries and workshops by sealing their premises, filtering, recovering and recycling pollutants found in gases, liquids and solids.

  • Protect consumers by requiring all restaurants to place their open kitchens (or window encased kitchens) in the middle of their dining area and store their food in glass cabinets, fridges and freezers visible to all their customers. Same for shops that sell food.

  • Protect food from saliva and microbe deposits on the hands of professionals and customers by displaying foods in closed storefronts and handling them with sterile masks and gloves. Food is also protected during transport.

  • Offer to patients who could transmit their diseases by saliva to wear a protective mask.

  • Protect the inhabitants of Utopia from external electromagnetic waves by Faraday cages that are integrated into the outer walls of the buildings (one of the construction components of towers).

  • Choose the least damaging indoor wave transmission system (private dealerships) and to multiply the relays to lower the power.

  • Protect residents from indoor electromagnetic waves by installing protections around high-voltage power cables, power stations, large electricity consumers and increasing the use of low-voltage power generation.

  • Avoid accidents due to travel:

– in vehicles by automating car traffic (small cars not exceeding

20km per hour, which can carry goods or passengers) and having designated lanes for boat traffic and drone (with passengers or goods) traffic

on foot: by providing floors with non-slip rubber abrasives, for footpaths, government buildings, shows, playgrounds, sports and by offering it for housing as well.

Make pedestrian areas attractive by arranging paths with benches, tables, relaxing chairs, refreshments, free elevators. These paths will be decorated with lights, paintings and edible plants.

  • Work with robotic machines and 3d printers to build Utopia

  • Give objective information at school about activities that are considered dangerous

  • Provide facilities for dangerous sports (delta wing, paragliding, etc.) or extreme sports such as base-jumping, wingsuit



Hay que :

  • poteger a todos los residentes de todos los gases nocivos (motores a explosion, máquinas funcionando con energía fósil… Este tipo de energía está prohibida en Utopia, pero permitimos a extrangeros visitarnos ; por lo tanto nos preparamos a recibirlos, a ellos y a sus motores…

  • proteger a los ciudadanos de los gases que produce AIDEN para calentarse, los humos de cigarillos, humos de las comidas que e preparan (con un sistema de ventilacion). Las barbacoas en el exterior se hacen en cajas cerradas que filtran sus humos. Existen zonas especiales para fumadores, incluso en los edificios.

  • Proteger a los residentes de todo tipo de molestia (ruido, gas, liquido…) producido por las indutrías y los talleres (mejor insolacion, filtros, reciclaje…

  • proteger a los consumidores : al obligar los restaures a tener la cozina en medio de la sal, de tal frma que el trabajo, tanto como la forma de almacenar la comida, sea visible por todos.

  • Proteger la comida de todo tipo de bacteria ( manos, saliva) usando guantes y máscaras.

  • Proteger los ciudadanos de las ondas electromagneticas exteriores usando cajas de Faraday en la estructura de los edificios.

  • escoger el sistema de transmision de ondas (en el interior de las torres) que sea el menos nocivo (wi-fi?)

  • proteger los residentes de las ondas electromagneticas interiores usando mejores aisladores para separarlos de los cables electricos de alta tension y multiplicando los sistemas de baja tension.

  • Evitar las causas de accidentes debidos a desplazamientos.

    – gracias a vehículos automatizados (coches pequeños que nos superan los 20km/hora para el trasporte de mercancias o personas) y manteniendo barcos y drones de trasporte en trayectorias precisas

    – caminando : se instalarán suelos adesivos para impedir cahidas, en los pasillos, las aulas públicas (no pueden ser abrasivos…)




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