8.5 Les industries et les professions nécessaires à Utopia p.2, Private industries and professions needed for Utopia pt. 2, Las industrias privadas y las profesiones necesarias a Utopia : 2

partie 8&6

Private industries and professions needed for Utopia

  • arts: music, dance, philosophy, writing, library, theatre, painting, sculpture, cooking, visual performances, installations, etc.
  • security to fight fires, disasters and various types of pollutions
  • tourism, to build: tourist infrastructure, hotels, restaurants, sports facilities, day and night establishments
  • aquatic tourism: underwater hotels, sailing cabotage, scuba diving, tourist submarines, toboggans, diving boards, swimming areas, surfing and its derivatives (natural or with an artificial wave system) and all other sports with motors (electric or hydrogen)
  • free flight, and all the corresponding sports
  • travel and flight using gear that is lighter than air
  • motors: electric and hydrogen
  • reusable packaging, cleaning and purification robots
  • production of electronic devices
  • all other industries compatible with Aiden
  • banks
  • insurance
  • management and oversight of private companies
  • organize the defence of those on trial (lawyers)
  • manage financial conflicts between people and between companies or between individuals and companies (business lawyers, lawyers)
  • advise people on trial (lawyers, detectives)
  • shooting sports with rifles, handguns, bows, crossbows, paintball and laser games.


  • artes (musica, baile, filosofia, escritura, teatro, pintura, esulptura, cocina…)
  • infrastructuras turisticas (hoteles, restaurantes, bares, deportes…)
  • infrastructuras deportivas (aire, mar, tierra)
  • motores
  • embalses
  • aparatos electronicos
  • bancos
  • seguros
  • gestion y control de las empresas privadas
  • defena de las personas juzgadas
  • gestion de conflictos entre personas, empresas…
  • consegeros
  • deportes como tiro, paintball…

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