8.6 Les systèmes de santé privés, Private health systems, Sistema sanitario privado

partie 8&7

Private health systems that include:

  • doctors (practicing European, Chinese, Tibetan or other medicine), naturopaths, osteopaths, homeopaths, physiotherapists, massage therapists, healers (very broad definition: anyone with knowledge or gifts for treatment)
  • dentists, prosthetics manufacturers, nutritionists, etc.
  • private clinics, dental clinics, private laboratories
  • mobile medical teams to intervene and rescue people in distress
  • pharmaceutical industries
  • pharmacies
  • fitness
  • all other institutions offering care.

All these people must register and take electronic and oral exams if they do not have adequate certificates. They may also present certificates from recognized foreign institutions empowered to produce them. Certificates will be verified.

In all cases, these people will be assisted by health committees (delegations of at least 2 people) during their first year of practice.

Delegations of health and hygiene committees are empowered to verify the certificates, the facilities and the care provided.


Sistema sanitario privado :

  • médicos, naturopatas, osteopata…
  • dentistas
  • alimentaction, dietetica…
  • clinicas
  • equipos de intervencion mobiles
  • farmacias
  • fitness, masages
  • cirurgia

Todas esas actividades estan controladas por las comisiones de salud de higiene. Cada persona que ejerce debe señalarse en esas comisiones. Sus diplomas seran controlados.

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