8.8 Les clauses pour les institutions de prévoyance et les caisses de pension, The clauses to be respected by pension institutions and pension funds, Fondo de prevension y de pensiones,

partie 8&9

The clauses to be respected by pension institutions and pension funds:

  1. Pension institutions and pension funds can invest funds placed by their clients in bonds (non-variable values) of Utopia based companies and in simple loans granted to companions or Utopia based businesses.
  2. There is no mandatory minimum return for these investments, but these institutions and pension funds must make all capital invested available to their clients at the end of the 10 years in order to allow them the choice to change institutions.
  3. All pension institutions and pension funds must create a common relief fund with 10% of the interest of all the funds placed. Companions who place their money in these institutions and pension funds to guarantee the financing of their pensions receive certificates that prove it. The common relief fund guarantees the durability of their investments in case of problems. When relief funds become too large, they are retroceded to the clients in proportion to their investments.

Fondo de prevension y de pensiones :

  1. los fondos de prevension y de pensiones pueden invertir el dinero de sus clientes unicamente en obligaciones (cuyo valor no cambia) de empresas de Utopia y en préstamos simples para compañeros/as.
  2. No existe rendimiento minimo para esos plazos, pero esas instituciones deben devolver el capital invertido a quien se lo pide, a fecha prevista.
  3. Esas instituciones deben alimentar un fondo de emergencia cumulando 10 % del diner que se les confia.

Los compañeros/as que plazan su dinero en esas instituciones reciben un certificado que lo confirma. El fondo de emergencia sirbe de garatia.

Cuando el fondo de emergencia se hace demasiado gordo, se distribuye el dinero a los compañeros/as proporcionalmente a sus inversiones.

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