8.9 Le règlement pour la publicité, Advertisement regulations

partie 8&10

Advertisement regulations:

  1. Advertisements concerning shops, stores and specialized establishments (cafes, bars, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, dance halls, massage parlours, saunas, sports establishments or other) must be discreet on the storefronts of these establishments. They must not cover more than 1/10 of the surface of these or exceed 4m2.
  2. Outdoor advertising signs are prohibited except for artistic signs of no more than 2m2 suspended above the doors or windows.
  3. Advertising on paper and distributing flyers are prohibited.
  4. Advertisements for public events and elections (sent by Aiden offices) or for private events are transmitted by computer only (no paper). The ads are distributed by interactive electronic panels located on the walls of public Aiden offices.
  5. Illuminated advertising is prohibited outside the premises of the company.
  6. Luminous decorations are allowed outside if they do not overflow onto the public domain and if they correspond to neighbourhood regulations.

Reglas de publicidad :

  1. La pubicidad y los anuncios en las tienda y comercios de todo tipo, deben permanecer discretas en los escaparates. No pueden cubrir mas de la décima parte del escaparate o superar 4m2
  2. los letreros exteriores estan prohibido a no ser un letrero artistico que no pase lo 2 m2
  3. pubicidad tipo folleto prohibida
  4. los anuncios de eventos publico o elecciones se hacen por via electronica.
  5. No se permite publicidad luminosa en los afuera
  6. las decoraciones luminosas estan toleradas si no alcanzan la via publica.

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