9.2 Les sports, Sports, Deportes

9.2 les sports

2 Sports on land, in the air, on and under water

Utopia will ask private companies to organize these sports activities which should be models for their ecological integration and for the safety of athletes and spectators.

The non-professional sports committees are appointed to study the proposals of athletes through non-profit associations in the following disciplines:

  • athletic diving with bottles or snorkelling
  • free flight (gliders, deltas, para-gliders, parachutes) with secure spots from the top of the towers or from large fixed balloons (attached and equipped with small lifts)
  • diving from diving boards and athletic swimming
  • the best slides in the world (for children and adults)
  • bike paths for racing, for freestyle
  • paths for walking, running and jumping
  • tracks and half-pipes for skateboards, roller skates, etc.
  • surfing in all its forms
  • the production (without pollution) of artificial waves on a prepared and secured spot for surfing and windsurfing
  • sailing sports of all forms (sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, etc.)
  • climbing with secure walls (with built-in belay) prepared with all degrees of difficulty and via ferrata
  • Individual sports on indoor and outdoor courts, including: tennis, squash, badminton, athletics, etc.
  • team sports on small indoor and outdoor courts: indoor football (for field size), volleyball, beach volleyball, handball, rink-hockey, basketball, etc.
  • shooting in indoor facilities to shoot with bullets up to 300 meters
  • shooting in outdoor facilities to shoot with bows, crossbows, blowguns up to 100 meters
  • spaces prepared for paintball, laser tag or air-soft gun fights
  • extreme sports without engines: base jumping, wing-suit, bungee jumping, jumping with elastic nets, slack line, etc. The spots are secured by safety nets.
  • A space the size of 1/8 of the territory is dedicated to sport fishing. Once caught (1 prey per fisher), the prey is carefully weighed, photographed, cared for and returned to the water. Hoping that this traumatic experience will serve as an experience not to be caught (outside the territory of Utopia) and end up in the pan.

Deportes (tierra, aire, mar)

Utopia pide a sus empresas privadas organizar sus actividades deportivas siguiendo un comportamiento ecologico ejemplar y asumiendo sus responsabilidades a cerca de la seguridad. Comisiones deportivas sera fundadas para controlar y asegurar las siguientes actividades :

  • buceo
  • vuelo libre
  • salto y natacion
  • toboggans
  • recorridos para bicicletas
  • reccorridos para caminar
  • skate-parks
  • surf
  • holas artificiales (interior)
  • vela
  • escalada
  • tennis, squash, badminton
  • deportes de quipo (futbol, baloncesto
  • tiro en sala (pistola, arco, ballesta…)
  • tiro afuera (pistola, arco, ballesta…)
  • combate
  • deportes extremos (base-jumping, slackline…)
  • la octava parte del territorio se dedica a la pesca deportiva (donde se suelta el pescado despues de haberlo atrapado)

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