9.5 Les loisirs et les plaisirs; leisure and pleasure; un barrio para ocio y placer

9.4 les loisirs et les plaisirs

4  A neighbourhood dedicated to leisure and pleasure

Inside a tower meant for these activities, with large outdoor areas including coconut palms and natural areas with native plants. This area is animated 24 hours a day from Friday 12h to Thursday 12h. In the areas dedicated to families, wellness and naturism, a period of silence is instituted from midnight to 8 am and the radios, TVs, music broadcasters are very discreet for the rest of the time.

In this neighbourhood, there is housing for companions who work there, hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops.

This neighbourhood includes:

  • An area dedicated to culture with theatres, cinemas, café-theatres, small concert halls, café-venues, conference rooms and a very large amphitheater (50,000 to 100,000 spectators) ) for major events.
  • A health and wellness area (spa & wellness) outdoors and indoors
  • A space dedicated to naturism: only clothing allowed is a short, transparent sarong around the waist. Same goes for the collaborators who work there, except for those working in kitchens or carrying out duties requiring clothing as protection or to maintain hygiene during customer service. Outside there is a beach with trees, a campsite and sports equipment for adults and children. Inside there is housing and shops. The entries are filtered electronically so that there are as many men as women in this space.

un barrio para ocio y placer

En el interior de una torre o ubicado en una torre especialmente prevista para esas actividades, con playas, palmeras, plantas tropicales….

Barrio animado las 24 horas del dia, del viernes al jueves (a no er en los espacios de relajamiento, donde se respeta un periodo de silencio, de medianoche a las 8h)

En ese barrio, viven los compañeros/as, que trabajan en la restauracion, bares, hoteles…

Ahi encontramos :

  • espacio cultural (teatro, cine, conciertos…)
  • espacio salud « wellness »
  • Espacio naturista donde estar desnudo es una obligacion, tanto para los que trabajan como para los que visitan. Acceso a playas, bares y servicios diversos, comercios, viviendas… Entrada controlada para que se encuentren tantos hombres como mujeres.

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