9.6 Les loisirs et les plaisirs réservés aux adultes, Recreation and tourist areas for adults only, Ocio y turismo para adultos,

9.5 les loisirs et les plaisirs pour adultes

Recreation and tourist areas for adults only

An area forbidden to children, with minimum service from Thursday 12h to Friday 12h, which includes:

  • An area dedicated to young people who want to party. There is a large campsite, music bars, indoor and outdoor discotheques, sports facilities, playgrounds on the beach with slides and monkey-bars. The entries are filtered so that there are as many young women as young men in this space (the ages of the people are not taken into account).
  • Red light district with institutions for women, men and mixed. This district is dedicated to games and the pleasures of the night with shops, casinos, theatres, cinemas, specialized institutions, lounges with prostitutes, massage parlours, etc.
  • a space dedicated to libertine naturism, nudity or libertine outfits for all, employees included (except for those working in kitchens or carrying out duties requiring clothing as protection or to maintain hygiene during customer service) There is housing, hotels, a campsite, shops, restaurants, cafes, bars with music, dance halls and clubs inside and on the beach reserved for these activities. The entries are filtered electronically so that there are as many women as men inside this space.

Ocio y turismo para adultos :

Prohibido a menores, con un servicio minimo del jueves mediodia al viernes mediodia cuenta con :

  • espacio juventud : que quiera festejar, con camping, bares, musica, discotecas, deportes… Entras con filtros para que haya tantas mjeres como hombres
  • barrio caliente : establecimientos para mujeres, hombres, mix… Barrio dedicado al placer de la noche con comercios, casinos, cine, prostitucion, msages…
  • naturismo libertino : playas, bares, alojamientos, juegos, todo para que las personas que se sienten bien desnudas puedan disfrutar de placeres sin imites. Entradas filtradas…

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