9.7 La violence canalisée, contrôle violence, violencia controlada,

9.6 Les bastons

Recreation and tourist areas for adults only 2

  • a special space with an entrances fee, where channeled and controlled violence is tolerated. There are streets, street furniture and rubber-lined walls as a precaution to reduce the impact of falls during altercations. There are rooms with rings to organize athletic fights in all disciplines as well as padded bars with rings and referees to allow clients to participate in improvised battles.
    This space has a dense network of cameras. Observers and negotiators (chosen from former combat athletes) in this space will be particularly attentive and react quickly to the slightest excesses. They can intervene by loudspeakers to try to calm the belligerents, call the private team of peacekeepers or call in an army detachment. As a last resort they can gas uncontrollable participants with incapacitating or soothing products that are not harmful to the health. These free fights or street fights are usually controlled by private peacekeepers and the staff of the private establishments.
    Entrance fee money is used to pay for private medical teams and private patrols of peacekeepers consisting of at least 8 men and 4 women (belonging to Utopia’s army) taking turns 24 hours a day, except Thursday from noon to Friday at noon when this space is closed. By paying the entrance fee visitors accept to adopt the 7 golden rules of this space.

The 7 golden rules governing violent activities confined to this specialized area:

  1. All weapons are prohibited, as well as rings or any other clothing accessories (especially shoes) that may be used as a weapon.
  2. People wearing white armbands are just spectators. They must not be bothered. They can function as an arbitrator.
  3. It takes 4 referees for 2 fighters: 2 men per fighter or 2 women per fighter.
  4. It is forbidden to continue hitting a unconscious fighter.
  5. The word “stop” pronounced by one of the protagonists obliges all other participants to stop hostilities immediately.
  6. If one of the protagonists repeatedly hits the flat of their hand on the ground or on their opponent, this indicates that the fight must stop because this person is in difficulty.
  7. Those present must help (by law) those who are in danger or who may be in danger because they misjudge the power of their opponent. In this case they must prevent or stop the fight.

Ocio y turismo para adultos  2:

  • espacio especial donde se cobra la entrada y donde la violencia esta canalizada : calles, muebles urbanos, paredes cubiertas de goma para disminuir la consecuencias de la caidas y peleas ; sallas con ring de boxeo paa organizar combates abiertos a todas las disciplinas ; bares con espacio de pelea y jueces para que los clientes puedan pelearse a su gusto.

El dinero de esas entradas sirve a pagar el equipo medical privado a disposicion y las ambulancias, los guardias, las seguridades (presente las 24 horas del dia, menos los jueves mediodia a viernes mediodia, compuestas de 8 hombres y 4 mujeres)

Al pagar la entrada, se acepta la 7 reglas de oro de estos lugares.

Fuerte presencia de camaras.

Observadores y nogociadores (designados entre eficionado del deporte de combate) también estarán presentes y intervendran para calmar la agresividad antes de que se vuelva incontrolable. Podran intervenir por altavoz o usando prouctos debilitantes (gases) Esas peleas deben mantenerse bajo control y la seguridad depiende del sector privado.

Las 7 reglas de oro en los espacios de combate :

  1. no se usan armas (tampoco joyas, calzado…)
  2. las personas con brazalete blanco solo son espectadores. No se pelean, pero pueden ser juez.
  3. 4 jueces para 2 luchadores (2 hombres o mujeres segun el genero de los participantes)
  4. no se golpea a una persona KO
  5. si un protaagonista pronuncia la palabre « stop », la pelea se termina
  6. si un protagonista golpea el suelo con la palma de su mano, la pelea se termina
  7. las personas presentes durante un combate son responsables de interrumpirlo en caso de que se pierda el control y que e corran verdaderos riesgos.

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