9.8 Les visas et les permis, Tourists and foreign workers, visas y permisos,

9.7 les visas et les permis pour travailler

Tourists and foreign workers

Tourists who have valid passports receive visas on arrival (if they are not subject to lifelong bans issued by Utopia or from countries at war with it). There are visas valid for one month or valid for other terms if bilateral agreements between the States concerned and Utopia specify this.

The tourists receive a leaflet including the laws and the duties concerning them as well as a map indicating the tourist spots.

Known members registered in the Aiden sections recognized by the parent sections of the countries concerned or by Aiden’s  main parent section, receive multi-entry visas valid for three months:

Main Parent Section of Aiden

Riviera & Chablais

Rue du They 4

1820 Montreux / Veytaux


tel: 0041 963 17 49


Once their visas are validated they receive one electronic ID each with the details of their passports, their fingerprints, their photographs and those of their irises. According to the wishes of the people concerned, they can add information concerning their health: blood groups, recognized allergies, medications in use, emergency contacts, etc.

Tourists can extend their two-month visas onsite from the 27th day by completing the computerized forms found in Public Aiden offices. Known members of recognized Aiden Sections may extend their visas for another three months.

Tourists who find work during this period of time can get a three-month work visa. These visas can be renewed once for another 3 months. They can get these work visas via internet. They must pay their taxes by participating in the civil service according to the provisions indicated by the Aiden offices (2 * 6 hours per month).

Aiden members who find work can get a six-month work visa. These visas can be renewed once for another 6 months. They can also obtain these visas via Internet. They must also pay their taxes by doing 2 days civil services per month.

Turistas y trabajadores estrangeros 1

Los turistas que disponen de pasaportes validos reciben un visa para un mes o mas si acuerdo a sido firmados entre ambos paises. También reciben un folleto explicando las leyes y los deberes a los que se tienen que sometir y un mapa para dirigirlos.

Miembros de las secciones AIDEN reconocidos como tal reciben un isa de 3 meses

Seccion madre AIDEN :

Riviera & Chablais

Rue du They 4

1820 Montreux/Veytaux

Suisse (Suiza/Switzerland)

++4121 963 17 49


Los turistas reciben entonces una indentificacion electronica conteniendo las informaciones de sus pasaportes, añaadiendole huellas digitales, fotografias, informaciones a cerca de su sangre, alergias, medicamentos…

Del dia 27 al ultimo dia, puendo pedir proroga de dos meses en las oficinas AIDEN. Los miembros de secciones AIDEN pueden obtener 3 meses de proroga.

Los turistas que encuentran un empleo durante su estancia, pueden pedir un visa de tres meses para trabajar. Se reiteran un vez solamente. Pueden rellenar los formularios por internet. Tendran que pagar impuestos y participar al servicio civil (12 horas al mes – 2*6).

Los miembros de las secciones AIDEN loss tendran para 6 meses, también por internet. Pagan impuesto y participan al servicio civil, dos dias al mes.

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