3.2 Aides et allocations, Aids and benefits for children

aide et allocations enfants

Aids and benefits for children

The State shall provide for the complete care of the child until the end of his training if the parents can not do so.

In all cases :

  • the mother receives a loss of earnings allowance from her 4th month of pregnancy until the end of the 3rd month after the birth of the child.

  • Then the father and the mother share this loss of earnings allowance according to the time spent with the child, until the child enters primary school.

  • food, clothing, shoes, school supplies, toys, electronic devices needed by the child, can be be found free of charge in state shops, as well as through the Acden offices.

Shortly after children are born, they receive their first electronic identity document (there are 3 in total) that is formatted according to their needs and the desires of their parents or sponsors. The information obtained (through the electronic ID) on the Aiden offices of the parents or sponsors is filtered by age. With this electronic ID parents can know at any time where their children are, talk to them and listen to them.

As soon as the children can walk and are potty trained, until they are about four years old they will have to learn to live in community with other children, in small groups by attending daycare.

The state shops get the supplies from local businesses and imported goods (in this case, importers pay their customs duties with their goods). They choose “fashionable” apparel and appliances so that the state-owned children’s shops look like the trendy private boutiques.

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