1.7 Description des tours / Description of the towers

description des tours


Description of the towers

In Utopia all tasks that can be robotized will be.

The towers are planned:

– to have an indoor port and airship garage

– to be able to be sealed and become airtight and waterproof

– to have self-sustaining air fabrication and renewal systems

– to have air filtration, heating and refrigeration systems that adapt to considerable rises and falls of the outside temperature

– to be self sustaining when it comes to energy

– to not produce any pollution, neither in the water nor in the air

– to have robots that can go everywhere on the inside and the outside of the towers

– to have factories that make industrial food (meal worms, spirulina, in vitro culture, etc) that covers all dietary needs

**- to have a self sufficient and evolving sanitary system (*sewage system???)

– to have sufficient amounts of fresh water

– to have schools and universities that are capable of training children and young people. This will ensure the durability of the knowledge required to use, maintain and fix the installations or create new ones

– to have all the factories necessary to be self-sufficient

– to have sufficient quantities of raw materials to repair and create new factories

– to be able to adapt to water level rises as high as 70m

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