4.9 En temps de guerre, In times of war

chapitre 4 en temps de guerre

L’armée d’Utopia n’emploie pas d’armes de destruction massive.

Elle n’attaque pas ou ne contre-attaque pas ses ennemis sur leurs territoires.

Au cas ou les défenses précédentes ne suffisent pas, l’armée défend Utopia avec toute la population équipée des armes et protections de la défense civile. Ils sont organisés en escouades dirigées par au moins trois soldats. Ces soldats sont équipés de toutes sortes d’armes transportables par des hommes (lance-missiles, lance-roquettes, mitrailleuses, grenades). En plus ils disposent de petits véhicules blindés équipés de lance-missiles (courte portée), de canons ou de mitrailleuses lourdes.

Les compagnes et les compagnons qui ne portent pas d’armes devront s’occuper, des enfants, des blessés, du ravitaillement et de la maintenance des installations techniques.

In times of war

If there is conflict the towers are closed. They become completely airtight and water-proof.The composition of the indoor air is controlled and corrected. Airlocks give access to the outside.

All activities that are not necessary for the survival of the inhabitants are stopped.

All the inhabitants equip themselves with their weapons and their protections, then go to the positions assigned to them. From that moment on the towers are completely self-sufficient.

The doors of the government district are closed to protect computers, government members, the military command and the missile control room. Airlocks guarded by the army allow to go in and out of the tower or the government district.

Airships, boats, submarines, unmanned/unwomanned drones will be equipped with missiles and torpedoes. They will be scattered in the airspace and territorial waters of Utopia. They will be guided from the command post. The army will attempt to detect and destroy enemy threats as far as possible.

Utopia’s army does not use weapons of mass destruction.

It does not attack or counter-attack enemies on their territories.

In case the previous defences are not enough, the army defends Utopia with the help of all the citizens equipped with the weapons and protections of the civil defence. They are organized into squads led by at least three soldiers. These soldiers are equipped with all sorts of transportable weapons (missile launchers, rocket launchers, machine guns, grenades). They also have small armed vehicles equipped with missile launchers (short range), guns or heavy machine guns.

Companions who do not carry weapons will have to take care of the children, the wounded, the refuelling and the maintenance of the technical installations.

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