1.1 Généralités


General Information

The underlying ideas of Acden and Utopia can be found in this first chapter. They are further developed in the following chapters.

**Dear People,

I am the author and I am solely responsible for what follows.

**The first draft of this constitution is in French (*link*). I found someone to translate it into Spanish (*link*) and into English (as you can see). I am unfortunately no good at languages. I hope to find people that are interested in translating it into more languages.

I am also no good with computer technology and I don’t have much of a handle on the layout software that I am using (Open Office Writer). Despite this however, I have typed these texts using two fingers. Please forgive me for the amateurism of this website. I thank my son Sébastien and his friend Benoît who have transferred these texts, drawings and photos onto the aiden.link website. I thank my wife, Ursula, for her photos and for her support. I thank Stéphane for creating what will potentially be the Utopia flag and I thank Michel for correcting my texts.

**Little by little we will add more translations to this website (Do you speak another language? Would you be interested in translating this draft of the constitution of Acden? Email me! Call me! Lets get started!)

My goal is to build this country wit everyone that will believe in it. It seems to me that getting these ideas out there will allow things to move along quicker.

To achieve this we will need to create Acden Sections all over the world (see chapter on Aiden Sections). These sections will study the texts. They will correct and improve the texts without (if possible) complicating them. This should be done in a democratic way including all the sections via internet (email, skype, or?).

My wife and I are the first members (there has to be as many women as men in each section) of the first Acden Section: the Montreux/Veytaux, Switzerland section. This is the Aiden Mother Section which has no more power than any other section (one member = one voice). It is the section that can be contacted to announce the membership of a new Acden Section.

We will need to find and gather money in order to build Utopia, which will be an immigration country (see chapter on immigration and funding of the construction of Utopia). I give us 20 years to do this. By then I will be too old to join the adventure but I hope my last trips will be to Utopia.


Philippe Bron

P.S. You can be part of Acden if you endorse its ideas without however having to abandon your political engagements. Acden is meant solely for Utopia which is a country to be built in the ‘middle’ of the pacific Ocean (for example). I’ve been thinking the Tuvalu Islands…

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