1.5 L’Aiden? Utopia? Où? / Acden? Utopia? Where?

l'aiden Utopia Où

L’Acden? Utopia? Where?

Acden: hierarchy-free society managed by one or several secured computers that are programmed to apply Acden’s laws and to count the citizen’s electronic votes. With Acden all inhabitants are equal. They are all companions.

Utopia: the country that will be created, where Acden will be applied.

Where: on islands where the inhabitants must leave because of global warming.

If this is possible in regards to their solidity, these bedrocks and their sovereignty would be bought directly from the inhabitants. Each inhabitant would receive the same amount regardless of their age or fortune. This would be paid with the contributions from members as well as with the donations. The allocated amounts should allow the islanders to have enough money to start their life over elsewhere with dignity or integrate themselves into Utopia.

Utopia: will preserve one island and its original landscape for as long as possible by elevating it. There would be houses that conform to the original habitat and there would be a pension allocated to the elderly that may not have the strength to emigrate or integrate.

Where: in the shallow parts of oceans in international zones, outside of migration routes. Far enough away from all land as not to inconvenience neighboring countries.

Ocean surface is much greater than land surface, so there is certainly many potential places for these set-ups.

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