4.6 L’armée et les défenses d’Utopia, Utopia’s army and defence

Chapitre 4 l'armée et les défenses

Utopia’s army and defence

The policy of openness, neutrality, geographical distance, respect for freedom of thought and legislating granted to all other countries of the world, should be sufficient to protect Utopia from all wars.

Nevertheless, not being able to completely exclude the possibility of war, Utopia will still prepare for it. It’s outer walls will be covered in metal trellises that form a ‘Faraday cage’ which protect Utopia from electromagnetic waves. Also, weapons, ammunition and shooting training will be provided to all citizens in order to establish a civil defence. (see Acden offices and civil defence exercises in the civil service).

In addition Utopia has a structured army to organize and support its civil defence.

Its main role is to take care of people in danger, to manage disasters, extinguish fires, fight pollution, ensure people’s safety in times of peace.


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