4.12 Le droit des compagnes et compagnons de l’Aiden page 1, The Rights of Aiden companions

chapitre 4 les droits des copagnons 1

The Rights of Acden Companions

Companions have the right:

  • to have complete freedom of thought and opinion and to be able to make it known

  • to be treated with respect and equality without differences between women, men, transgender, races, cultures, religions and customs

  • to have freedom of movement

  • to be able to choose their job

  • to have the freedom of business, to trade and to settle anywhere in Utopia

  • to total secrecy concerning personal data collected by Utopia, except in case of legal or health problems where documents will be consulted by the investigations and health committees which must respect professional confidentiality

  • to be rescued and treated free of charge in case of illness (if they follow the health program) and accident (if they do not carry out activities considered especially dangerous)

  • to marry another adult (they join their two names and become social and financial partners; after investigation and approval of the social committee they can adopt children; they can divorce after dividing their stuff in two)

  • to exercise authority as a mother and father for the good of the child

  • pregnant women have the right to have an abortion in state hospitals without justification until the end of their third month of pregnancy or later if psychological or health problems may endanger the mother. The life of the mother prevails over that of the child until the end of the birth. The mother and the child are entitled to free tests for genetic diseases and malformations.

  • to entrust the State with the financing necessary for the education of its children

  • to be helped by their companions in case of difficulties.

  • to be safe anywhere on Utopia’s public domain, in their home, office, workshop or shop. Anyone can request free electronic surveillance (alarm) tailored to their desires through their Aiden office and electronic ID

  • to be fed by Utopia

  • to not to be obliged to obey only one person: delegations of the committees of inquiry and justice and the private police must be at least two to intervene

  • to be considered innocent until proven guilty

  • not to testify against their spouse and their children

  • to take all exams offered by Utopia and to be judged like the other students without having taken the courses corresponding to these exams

  • to using legitimate defence if it is proportionate

  • to ask for social assistance when they are no longer able to take care of themselves, in which case the State will provide all or part of: an apartment of at least 12m2 (with a French window overlooking the outside, a secure entrance with 1 Aiden desk, a kitchen unit with 1 sink + 1 microwave oven, 1 fridge with freezer, 1 wash block + drying + disinfection, for linen, cooking utensils and cleaning, 1 bathroom with WC + shower) / to free basic medical care, drugs and prosthetics in case of illness, accident and dental problems / clothes they need in state shops and food through their Aiden Office / a job allowing them to pay for some hobbies and leisure / a lawyer if they go to trial

  • to view all documents on the internet or other media and store information and written content with photos and videos

  • to refuse to let in anyone they do not wish to see in their apartment (The laws of the Aiden do not allow anyone to enter a dwelling, without agreement from the tenant; if the rent is paid. Except once a year, at the same date each year (that of the tenant’s entry into the dwelling) by the Housing Committee that does the inventory and renews the lease from year to year.)

  • not to be extradited except for crimes against humanity for which they may have to appear before the International Tribunal in The Hague. The Investigations committee and the diplomatic committee will first verify the validity of the accusations. In all cases, the Investigations committee will examine the case which may lead to a judgment for offenses committed abroad. The defendants may be sentenced according to Aiden Law.

  • to interrupt their existence at all times with dignity

What can be added? Anything that is not forbidden is tolerated.

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