1.10 Le financement de l’état / State funding

le financement de l'état

State funding

The money necessary for the state to function properly comes from the rent leases for homes, industries and private businesses.

The money also comes from customs duty (rates vary based on the goods imported) drawn from all imported goods.

The goods and products that are basic necessities and that Utopia lacks, can be partially on completely exempt of tax.

All imported goods and products will be analyzed, tagged (barcode) and registered with instructions and danger warnings.

The money will also come from a 1% tax drawn from export of money.

The state will take a compensatory sanitary tax on imports or from Utopia‘s manufacturers (if the base components haven’t already been taxed), to cover the problems linked to dangerous products: explosives, poisons, drugs alcohol, tobacco, medication, sugar, fats, meat, etc. Same goes for weapons, machines and various vehicles.

The state will take a waste disposal tax on imported goods or from the manufacturers (if the base components haven’t already been taxed).

The state will take different taxes from owners of domestic animals, private vehicles, boats, aircrafts, etc. for their additional use of public space.

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