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resumé des idées 1

Summary of the ideas that govern Acden

Acden is a direct democracy where all decisions are made by the citizens through secured electronic votes. The government of Acden is the people.

The decisions are automatically implemented by computers, robots or the people.

The cohesion of the people of Utopia is obtained through civil service which replaces direct taxes.

Civil service: the citizens will accomplish state tasks (within their field of competence) that cannot be automated.

The deliberative (no power of decision) government, democratically elected is mixed.

The women elect the parliaments for the neighborhoods (communes), the cells (towers or districts) and national women representatives. They also elect the executives and their president.

Same goes for the men.

Diplomacy: the Acden anarchists mind their own business. They do not like to receive or give lessons.

The laws and management of the Acden society are simplified and computerized as much as possible, so that all citizens can manage their private and professional lives on their own.

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