2.9 Le service civil, The civil service

service civil

Civil service

All the inhabitants of Utopia must perform their civil service every year.

It represents about 12% of a full-time professional activity (1200 hours / year):

24 days a year (6 hours day: 2 x 3 hours) = 144 hours

2 days per month (144 hours)

1/2 day per week for 48 weeks (144 hours)

1 additional day per year is reserved for civil defence exercises: the closure of

buildings, testing of heating, refrigeration, ventilation and fire drills.

Citizens perform their civil service in their profession or area of ​​specialization until they can no longer do so for health reasons. There is no age limit or retirement for civil service. Children are introduced to civil service from the age of about 4 years old (kindergarten)

Through their civil service, citizens perform all or part of the tasks of the State which have not been able to be automated:

politics, diplomacy, education, informatics, social work, the media, First Aid, health care, security, justice, customs, rent, army, control, maintenance and management of State factories dealing with: energy, water and air treatment, food and basic medication, heating and refrigeration of buildings, waste recycling and disposal.

Citizens perform their civil service also by being part of the committees: political, diplomatic, ethics, academics, health, investigations, judicial, social, etc.

The State appeals on a case to case basis, to private intervenors for the tasks that it cannot assure.

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