3.9 Les apprentissages et les études, Apprenticeships and studies

Les apprentissages

Apprenticeships and Studies


The first 3 years of study are devoted to general training: mainly scientific, technical, development of the student’s knowledge of English and to learning a foreign language. After these first 3 years of study, they obtain a diploma of general knowledge.

The following 3 years are devoted to studying the branches necessary for the chosen specialization. After each year, the knowledge is checked with computerized exams that they must succeed to continue. Once the 3rd exam is passed they obtain the title of bachelor. There are two sessions per year for each exam. Students get to tries per exam. At second failure, they must stop studying and start an apprenticeship or work.

The next 2 years are devoted to specializations that give access to the Masters.

Then, as in other universities, they can do their doctorates.


Apprenticeships are organized by trade corporations and by private industries. They last from 1 to 6 years according to the trade.

After successful completion of the apprenticeship examinations, the apprentices are entitled to a certificate of qualification (or a bachelor’s degree after having successfully completed a 6-year apprenticeship).

There are bridges that allow apprentices to study.

The state grants interest-free loans to all young people wishing to invest in the equipment necessary for their future activity. These loans are repayable in 10 years after 3 years without amortization.

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