4.1 Les bâtiments du gouvernement, The gouvernment buildings

chapitre 4 les bâtiments du gouvernement

Government buildings

The government buildings are part of the Central Administration District. It is in the center of the tower. This area can be totally secure and autonomous in air, water, energy, ammunition and food, once the doors have been closed.

This area includes:

– courthouse

presidential offices with apartments

– ministers’ offices with apartments

– 2 chambers with the necessary apartments for elected officials

Utopia’s computers with apartments for the tech team and the ethics committee

– military command hall and the guard’s rooms and rest areas

– university buildings

– necessary supplies for its autonomy

funeral facilities with an oven to burn the bodies (the oven to burn animal bodies is not in this area)

The neighbourhoods are equipped with the community buildings necessary for their administrations: council chambers, executive offices, reception counter attached to the observation post, courthouses, premises needed for Acden committees and the army. In the community buildings there is also a room that seats about 10’000 people. It is meant to accommodate the “Landsgemeinde”: assembly where all the companions of the neighbourhood vote by show of hands (Swiss voting system used in the first cantons). This system will replace electronic voting in the case of a central computer system failure. These rooms can be compartmentalized. They are usually rented for sports events, concerts or shows, etc.

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