2.4 Les bureaux Aiden 1, The Acden offices 1

bureaux aiden 1

The Acden offices

Each citizen gets a private Aiden office (which is connected to the central computers) that is installed near the entrance of their home.

The offices are used:

  • as a landline.

  • to recognize and identify anyone present. The built-in cameras do print, face and iris recognition.

  • as a screen for all official multi-media, for receiving info from the government, to vote, to follow trials, etc.

  • as a 2D printer (for documents and passports) and as a 3D printer for other Acden services and supplies (meals).

  • a container for a fire extinguisher, a gas mask, oxygen mask (with tank), a life jacket and survival kit.

  • as a safe (that can only be opened with the owner’s ID) containing civil defence weapons: a repeating rifle with 800 cartridges + a repeated handgun with 200 cartridges. The armes signature on the bullets are listed. The armes are chosen by the owner and their instructor.

  • as a safe (that can only be opened by its owner) containing 20 capsules of morphine (dosed to be a powerful painkiller: one in the morning and one at night) that are wrapped in multiple layers. Each layer has questions and warnings. The capsules are marked so that they can be identified in the case that they have been used. The lethal dose is already reached at 10 capsules.

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