2.5 Les bureaux Aiden 2, The Acden offices 2

bureaux aiden 2

The Acden offices 

Both of these safes can also be opened with a key (contained in the electronic ID) that will be automatically unblocked if the Utopia computers breakdown.

They will be big enough to also contain personal belongings: papers, money, jewelry, etc.

Both safes containing the weapons and the deadly pills can be locked by the justice committee. The owner can also ask to have them blocked for moral reasons.

The Acden office cameras can be activated and deactivated by their owner. They can be used as an alert station if there is a problem.

The justice committee can decide to have the cameras permanently activated to monitor the comings and goings of the litigant and the litigant’s visitors.

The justice committee or the person (if they are very old or sick) can ask to have cameras on in every room of their home except the bathroom.

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