1.18 Les buts de l’Aiden / Acden’s ultimate goal

le but ultime de l'Aiden

Acden’s ultimate goal is to create a hierarchy-free society:

1. where tolerance is a civic duty because one person’s freedom depends on another’s tolerance and vice versa.

2. that encourages a ‘new human’ by mixing races and cultures.

3. that will prepare to survive and withstand major catastrophes that threaten us.

Where the priorities will be:

4. to diminish human pressure on the environment.

5. to develop the use of hydrogen as an energy vector.

6. to develop alternative, low energy consuming public transportation like auto-pilot vehicles (boats, cars), blimps, cable balloons, etc.

7. to offer industrialised ‘closed cup’ food fabrication that is pollution-free.

8. to develop automated systems for construction, traffic, fabrication, cleaning, water-air-garbage recycling.

9. to offer part of the solutions to:

overpopulation, pollution, climate immigration and economic immigration.

10. to create a homeland for anarchists and independants.

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