2.6 Les commissions Aiden 1, The Acden committees 1

commissions Aiden 1

The Acden Committees

Acden committees replace State, unit and neighbourhood officials who have not been able to and should not be replaced by computers or robots.

The Acden committees control all the workings of the state. They are part of the civil service accomplished by all citizens.

The aims of the Acden committees are to strengthen the cohesion of the population of Utopia by demonstrating that each companion is indispensable to the functioning of the State.

They are also intended to prove that all companions and companions are actually politically equal with the Acden:

  • by foreseeing, for example, that everyone can and must exercise in turn, what can be considered as the highest functions of a society: those of judges. Indeed, it is the citizens appointed in alphabetical order for a single trial who will exercise these responsibilities (see chapter: security, justice, duties and laws).

The Acden committees are made up of an equal number of women and men; except for the courts where the members of the judicial commissions are odd in number so that the additional judge is of the same sex as the accused; in the same way for certain delegations of the diplomatic commission: this to respect the customs and habits of the people with whom Utopia negotiates.

Acden committees are composed of at least 4 people appointed for a year.

Decisions made by the committees shall be taken by a majority of 2/3 of their members.

Once the decisions are made, all members of the committees must defend them collegially. A member may exceptionally ask to be replaced, if he can not for very good reasons defend the collegiate decisions of his commission.

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