2.7 Les commissions Aiden 2, The Acden committees 2

commissions Aiden 2

The Acden committees are of three types:

  1. Committees made up of professionals such as the:

1. computer science committee

2. construction committee

3. sanitary committee (health and hygiene) that manages: the health program, the university hospital, dispensaries, which also control medication and drugs, food, air and water.

4. energy committee that manage the state’s share of energy: the minimum energy production needed in Utopia when it is in total autarky.

5. Utopia state-owned factories control committee: supply, water and air supply, pharmaceuticals, wastewater treatment and recycling and waste disposal, manufacture and maintenance of automatons, machines, computers, infrastructure necessary to Utopia when it is in total autarky.

6. management and school examination committee: apprenticeships, universities and professions requiring special knowledge to exercise them (pilot, surgeon, civil engineer, etc.).

7. management of universities, research and new technologies committee

B. The Acden Committees whose members are elected by the people:

1. the political committees: the executive and legislative committees deliberating neighbourhoods, units and the state

2. the diplomatic committee

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