2.8 Les commissions Aiden 3, The Acden committees 3

commissions Aiden 3

C. Non-professional committees whose members are appointed by various alphabetical orders so that everyone can understand and analyze the State institutions:

1. neighbourhoods, units and State management committees

2. finance control committees of the neighbourhoods, the units and the State

3. building management committees: construction, leasing, development, maintenance

4. customs committees

5. investigation committees (appointed from among the members of the deliberative legislation)

6. justice committees

7. social committees

8. circulation and travels committees

9. sports and culture committees

10. welfare committees, who receive grievances and try to solve them (justice of peace)

11. academic committees whose members are chosen from among the students parents

12. army control committees

13. young citizens integration committees and installation loans committees

14. Acden ethics committees and the computer room of Utopia access control committees

The Acden committees must report first to the government and then to the residents through the official media.

The investigation, justice and welfare committees are not obliged to provide reports of their activities to the government (judiciary independence).

Committee members are obliged to keep secret all personal information concerning the inhabitants of Utopia.

Companions must first understand before deciding or judging. They must be impartial. If for any reason a member of an Acden committee can not guarantee this impartiality they will be replaced.

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