1.9 Les ordinateurs et l’énergie d’Utopia / Utopia’s computers and energy

les ordinatoires et l'énergie d'Utopia

Utopia’s computers and energy

The computers implement the Aiden laws.

They enforce the decisions that are democratically made by the population of Utopia.

They can only perform the tasks they are meant to perform.

Their programs can only be modified by democratic decisions.

They are designed to be free of intelligence and artificial consciousness.

All the computerized actions concerning the towers’ security must be able to be controlled manually: electricity supply, closure of Utopia’s doors, ventilation regulation, heating and cooling control, fresh water and food supplies.

Utopia‘s computers are not connected and there is no way to connect them to internet or to any private computers.

A new language would have to be created for their operating system.

Electricity is the main energy that is used in Utopia.

For the most part it is mechanically produced using energy from waves, tides, ocean currents, winds, sun heat and oceans. It is directly used or stocked as hydrogen and oxygen.

The hydrogen and oxygen are used as fuel for fuel cells, combustion engines, airplane and rocket reactors. They are also used to produce and renew the air when the tower is completely locked down.

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