4.5 Les ordinateurs, The computers


The computers

The computers are located in the government district. They are in a closed room, protected from electromagnetic waves by one or more Faraday cages. The only security door giving access to this room is closed with three keys. It opens and closes without electronics or electricity. It is permanently guarded by Utopia‘s army.

The 3 keys of the entrance door are held by three members of the Ethics Committee. They are the only ones (along with the other members of their committee) that can open this door. All interventions are made accompanied by the central computer committee.

The keyboards and screens for programming these computers are all inside this room and are constantly monitored by cameras.

All interventions are made by the ethics committee accompanied by soldiers. They are filmed and broadcasted live in the courthouses where they are viewed and monitored by the other computer committees.

Acden offices and Acden cameras are directly connected to the central computers by optical fibres. The optical fibres are constantly monitored by a computer system that will detect any problems: protective sheath deterioration, connection cutoffs. The device connected by a damaged fibre will be immediately and automatically decommissioned until one of Utopia’s computer committees (district or central computers) has found the causes and replaced the defective elements.

We must try to protect the central computers from all possibilities of connecting with other computers or with the internet. We should even consider creating an operating language specific to these computers. When purchasing components to build these computers, we must opt for strength and longevity. We must check that these components have not been tampered with before we assemble them.

The tasks intended to be executed by these computers are well defined and do not require (I believe) artificial intelligence and above all they should be prevented from being aware of their own existence.

They must store and manage:

Aiden camera information (where, when, who) for 10 years

the personal information of the Acden offices until the death of

the person

freedom restrictions

– appointments of committees and their programs

– security and military defence

– rent management

Utopia’s accounts: receipts/expenses and fluctuations in the reserves (the accounts are broadcasted live on Utopia’s official media.)

Other computers (more conventional) located in other rooms deal with traffic, factories, robots, etc.

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