2.2 Les pièces d’identité, Identification

pieces d identite


Each citizen of Utopia receives an electronic ID that recognizes its holder (biological rhythm, prints, iris, etc.).

This electronic ID serves as:

  • a voters card and allows access to the Aiden offices.

  • authorization to move/travel, by connecting to the surveillance cameras.

  • a medical record. It provides basic medical information that is accessible by readers that are installed in the ambulances, the clinics and the university hospital: blood type, allergies, diseases, current medications, etc. It also analyses the ID holders physical activity.

  • authorization for certain activities (to sell certain products, to drive a vehicle, a machine, a boat, to fly a plane, to work in certain professions, etc.) that require specific qualifications obtained by passing exams. The list of products, permits, professions needing authorizations, as well as the list of people and businesses that are authorized, can be obtained in the private and public Aiden offices by showing ID.

  • an electronic signature for all relations with administration and other inhabitants of Utopia. To obtain, validate and sign all contracts (work, sales, rent, loans, etc.).

  • assurance that the people the ID holder interacts with have the required skills and authorizations.

  • a way to exchange ID info with others by direct contact between the electronic IDs.

  • a barcode decoder to recognize the goods and products on offer.

  • security assurance: conscious or unconscious help alert (the ID holder can choose between these two options).

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